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Walter Egan: Fascination

West Coast, Country and Americana Rock music crossover legend Walter Egan has released his new album "Fascination" which features thirteen West Coast Rock/Americana influenced tracks all inspired by Walter Egan's shared history with legendary Super-Groupie Pamela Des Barres as indicated by the first single from the album "Miss Pamela". When we spoke to Walter earlier in the year we asked him about the comparisons to Tom Petty - as some say the two artists had a significant influence on each other's styles. Egan told us that they did a whirlwind tour co-headlining together in the late 70's and the shared experience definitely inspired their respective songwriting styles through the years. On Fascination you will most certainly hear the similarities to Petty's mid-90's and Wilbury's period and that's a good thing. Heck, the Heartbreakers should call him up to get the old band back together. Walter, previously most famous for his 1978 gold status hit single "Magnet and Steel" - co-produced by Lindsey Buckingham - has made another attractive album (his 25th overall) that shines with an abundance of upbeat pop tracks that detail his turbulent fixation with one of rock's most notorious groupies. The result is a fascinating reminiscing on his past that is full of hooks, a hint of remorse and a brutal honesty that rarely finds its way to the digital master.

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