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Steve Brown: Where Do We Run

Steve Brown is a musician, guitarist and producer with gold records under his belt and millions of albums sold courtesy of his breakout band Trixter in the early 90's . These credentials led him to become the go to, in-demand live player of his generation landing touring slots with Def Leppard, Dennis DeYoung, Joe Lynn Turner and more. But, thirty years into his music career he has just done something that for him is a first - release a track officially under his own name as a solo artist. They say go big or go home and Brown has produced an epic song that introduces a lesser seen side of the artist as he tackles a Bon Joviesque power ballad with Springsteen style blue collar lyrics. Which makes perfect sense as Steve, too, calls New Jersey his home. "Where Do We Run" accelerates with a giant riff that pays homage to the likes of Gilmour and Gary Moore as it crosses the finish line at the 5 minute and 15 second mark. By stepping just outside of his tried and true rock lane, Brown finds himself off to a great start. Now that his race has begun it will be fun to be a spectator and see where he goes from here.

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