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Paul Thorn: Never Too Late To Call

Incomparable singer-songwriter Paul Thorn once went the distance in the ring with Roberto Duran. Now, the former boxer and son of a preacher returns to go another round with "Never Too Late To Call" an 11-track collection from Thirty Tigers. This effort is a little different from the Mississippian as he has solicited help in the songwriting department from his wife and daughter. "Two Tears Of Joy" is the opening selection and finds Paul starting off slow in the corner with a grateful anthem to domestic bliss. However, a sturdy backbeat on "Sapalo" helps Thorn get a little more punchy. The next two tracks find Thorn back up against the ropes conserving energy but he still finds a way to cut you deep with a pair of takes on love gone wrong and love gone good. Things get going again on "Here We Go" an upbeat rocker with a New Wave vibe that might be the collection's most solid knockout song. This erratic fast/slow pacing continues throughout the record and that chosen combination seems to have been designed to reveal a mellower and maturing Paul Thorn. But, we're still in his corner. When the final bell is rung our decision is that pound for pound there is none better in his class.

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