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Mark Tremonti: Tremonti Sings Sinatra

Put this one in the category of "most mind-blowing release of the year!" On his latest record, alt-rock guitar legend Mark Tremonti gives us Tremonti Sings Sinatra - and that's exactly what he does as he sings all 14-tracks on the record with astonishing authenticity.

Sure, he had some help from members of Frank Sinatra's touring band who add true legitimacy to the project. And, he had the motivation as all proceeds are going to support NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society). The album was inspired by Mark's daughter Stella who was born with Down Syndrome which ultimately led Mark to create his own organization Take A Chance For Charity.

So, Tremonti took a chance by putting one of his guilty pleasures on tape. But, that still doesn't explain just how the Grammy-Award winning musician and guitarist so completely captures the vitality and originality of the one they called Ol' Blue Eyes. So, we will let Mark tell the back story.

Mark says, "For years, I've loved singing along to Frank's songs," he reveals. "One night, I found an old video of him performing 'The Song Is You' from 1944. It made me study how he got his start. I read all of the books, and I watched all of the movies. I wanted to do something with it. When we found out about our daughter Stella's Down Syndrome diagnosis, the stars aligned. My obsession with Sinatra had its reason. He raised more than a billion dollars for charity. Beneath the cool and calm persona, there was a big heart. Doing this charity in his name was another way the stars had aligned. I decided to do this record to raise funds for families and individuals with Down Syndrome. Now, it's a new purpose for the rest of my life."

This wouldn't be the first time Tremonti has done something similar musically. Following the success of Creed and all the personal troubles that followed Scott Stapp, Mark simply swapped out front men. When Alter Bridge emerged fans were intrigued that the old band's sound continued relatively intact with a new singer in place and another magical recreation was complete. So, when it comes to music in any style or genre - if Mark Tremonti is involved - you can be sure he will do it his way.

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