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Kate Klim: Something Green

With one listen to Kate Klim's Something Green you can easily draw comparisons to giants in the field of contemporary female folk like Dar Williams and Jonatha Brooke. But by digging a little deeper you can begin to see that there is much more to this Berklee trained and Nashville based artist who drew on her roots and own personal inner strength to bring life to this impressive collection of 10 introspective tracks.

The album began in March of 2020 with an inauspicious start as Covid delayed the process while an impending divorce threatened to derail it completely. Ever the fighter, Klim battled through both obstacles, completed the tracks and exceeded her funding expectations allowing her to get what she believes is her best work yet out to a wider listening world.

Of Something Green Klims says: "They were songs about returning to music, returning to myself, navigating new terrain, and the real life messiness of two human beings trying to travel that road together. Over the recording process in the months that followed, the arc of the album grew to include the end of my marriage. This is not an album about loss, though. It's an album about hope, love, change, and new growth."

Listen intently as she creates lush lyrical landscapes that are filled with life lessons and the kinds of growth they provide be it emotional, spiritual or physical. There is healing in the hearing herein with solace in the songs. Still, one thing is certain - on the strength of takes like the title track, "Songbird", "Take The Driving" and "Highland Park" - lesser songwriters might find themselves a bit green with envy at the talent on display throughout the digital bits of this finely tuned and quality CD.

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