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Jefferson Ross: Southern Currency

With a release that is firmly in the race for our "album of the year" - Jefferson Ross scores big with a down-home platter of authentically hewn songs that pay homage to all things south on Southern Currency. From pre-antebellum days to modern times the album's 11 tracks are a study in the history of the land and life as it happens mostly below the Mason-Dixon line. The Georgia-based Ross states that his art is inspired by the sights, sounds, flavors and textures of the American South - and you can clearly hear that embedded deep in the grooves on this remarkable record - from the opening drive around on "Alabama Is A Winding Road" to the heart-wrenching take of a family divided by the Civil War on "Two Kentucky Brothers". With nods to all elements of the genre including Outlaw Country, a Jimmy Buffet style rendering and a tip of the hat to the Allman Brothers and the Glenn Campbell sound all making appearances at different points throughout. We recommend dropping some of your hard earned USD on this worthy slice of southern-themed Americana music ASAP.

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