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Jason Minton: Just Another Day

Blue-eyed soul has a new standard bearer in Jason Minton!.

Musician Jason Minton has made a living mixing cement. But his true calling is in the world of mixing music and genres to the point of forming his own solid style that should certainly stand the test of time. Consider the 13-tracks on his latest release Just Another Day and you will discover the artist's most compelling effort to date that makes a concrete case for just why he should be a household name.

This firm foundation did not come without a lot of effort, however. Minton has worked as an indie artist for years. But, for the past half decade or so he has performed monthly showcases where he has wood-shedded new tracks and worked with the same musicians to the point of having them firing on all cylinders. Once he got them all into the studio with him it became clear that this is not just another Jason Minton album.

Jason grew up in Franklin, Tennessee, but despite the draw of country music in that region Minton preferred English new wave bands such as Crowded House and Squeeze. Those influences along with other classic rock sounds can be heard throughout Just Another Day. We have seen Mr. Minton in a live setting and know that he has the pipes to sing a wide range of songs ranging from Bad Company to Tom Petty. On the stage and in the studio Jason wisely surrounds himself with quality players to present his vision.

"Just Another Day" is the solid opener that sets the tone for the rest of this well-crafted and well-written record. There are plenty of high points on this collection such as "Shame On You" and later the peppy "Promise" - both sound like they could have been on a charting Squeeze record. "Here and Now" is smart and snappy as is the beguiling "Eyes On You" which mentions and pays tribute to Paul McCartney. The soulful "Don't Hesitate" has horns to punctuate Jayson's prose and flows into the sweet "Falling In Love" The CD ends as strong as it started with a feisty and inspiring "Fight" that proves Minton can stand in the same ring as the best of them.

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