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Jackson Browne: Downhill From Everywhere

Jackson Browne's critically-acclaimed latest effort Downhill From Everywhere comes seven years after his previous and the wait was more than worth it. As you listen to the 10 tracks on the record you might hear how several pick up on lyrical or compositional themes from Jackson's output from the 70's, 80's and 90's. In that way, it's almost a greatest hits collection in that you could play it for any newcomer to show what the artist has stood for during more than half a century of work. The title track and "Until Justice Is Real" find Browne the activist still singing out for environmental causes and speaking up for the downtrodden as he has done for much of his musical life. The opening number "Still Looking For Something" grabs your attention as Browne the heralded songwriter gropes for a rhyme for city that will have you hitting the rewind button to see if you heard the phrasing correctly. You did! The lead single "My Cleveland Heart" contemplates the shape of an industrially designed pump. While at first the idea might appear to be a head scratcher the song quickly comes to life on a steady beat and some of that patented Jackson Browne steel guitar sound flowing through its veins as it explores the human condition and the frailty of the flesh based pulmonary organ that we are all born with. Put it in the same category as some of Jackson's greatest misunderstood numbers like "Lawyers In Love" and the racy double-entendres of "Rosie" and "Redneck Friend". Give it time and this track - and the album as a whole - will become a classic just like all the others.

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