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George Becker: Self-Titled

One of rock's respected rising voices is George Becker who has built a brand of hard rock infused with metal sensibility via his band Jaded Past. But, the singer also has a heart for Nashville and he recently took a detour into country music through his self-titled solo debut that takes a more acoustic introspective approach with a project that is packed with heartfelt and patriotic tracks. "Loving That Country" and "My Country Rocks" celebrates the new direction and shows that George is paying attention to what makes a good fit for the format. Still, with a touch of Jersey in the vocals and a driving beat the record is never too far from Becker's past sound. Music City has become an enclave of metal refugees with members of Judas Priest, Korn, Megadeth along with KISS related musicians and management all making a home here nestled among the world's biggest country icons. Maybe it's just a matter of time until a new crossover genre is released on the world. Maybe Becker is on to something here. One question remains - Who's Next?

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