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Davey Johnstone: Deeper Than My Roots

Musical legend Davey Johnstone returns with a proper sophomore solo album that neatly bookends his illustrious career touring in Elton John's band - following up his own debut from 1973 with an impressive 12-track outing called Deeper Than My Roots. Now that the "Rocket Man" who hit the stratosphere behind the piano is hanging up his platform boots, festooned capes and oversized spectacles it's time for "the guitar guy" and Reginald's right hand man for more than five decades (and over 3,000 shows) to set off on his own artistic adventure. On the album's 10-track plus two bonus recordings, Johnstone's roots are certainly evident with music that evokes the 70's and some of his work with Elton. But, as the title suggests Davey finds a way to go deeper while bringing everything up to date with modern production and sonic sensibility. With several listens under our belt we dug up our favorites and they are as follows. The opening pair of tracks "Go Easy On My Heart" and "One Look In Your Eyes" recall the work of Lennon and Rafferty in that order. "Walt Dizney" is quite a trip instrumentally that straps you in with a countdown like build up before lifting to greater heights like a psychedelic Space Mountain with Davey at the controls. "Melting Sun" is a melodic ballad that has the power to melt your heart while "You Lied To Me" is truthfully the closest thing to sounding reminiscent of his long-time boss here. With an impressive album on board and free from the rigors of the road it will be interesting to see where Davey's own musical journey takes him as the future unfolds. Come along for the ride - it's sure to be a blast.

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