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Alice Austin: Goodnight Euphoria

You might expect an album from Alice Austin who is known around the country for fronting Black Sabbitch to be loaded with dense metallic music and a persistent dark pall. But, on GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA set for release on April 22, 2022 - Alice the artist in her own right shines through on twelve carefully crafted tracks that work hard to elicit exhilaration at any time of day. Rich with layered instrumentation, this second full-length album from ALICE AUSTIN was artfully mixed and mastered by Timothy Phillips at Mercy Sound Studios. Besides being a melodic guitar-based rock album, GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA features a diverse collection of performances from Seth Campbell (mellotron and piano), Emily Garcia (violin), and Jon Persson (trumpet). The lyrical content of this collection of songs aims to be easy listening on the surface, with a depth that reaches out to its audience if they are willing to dive deeply into some pretty heavy messages about the love and the laws of physics, haunted guitars, mental illness, suicide, and telepathic communication. Our picks - the title tack, "Jellyfish" and "Saving My Tears".

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